Les Bouldouïres campsite ***La Salvetat sur Agoût
In the heart of the Regional Nature Park of the Haut-Languedoc.
Période d'ouverture du camping les Bouldouïres à la Salvetat-sur-Agoût - location vacances la Salvetat sur Agoût
Les Bouldouïres will be closed from october 31.

Hiking and wildlife discovery activities : Les Bouldouïres campsite, nature campsite Hérault in La Salvetat-sur-Agoût

Hiking is spectacular in the area around La Salvetat-sur-Agoût. On foot, horse or mountain bike, hikers can explore a diverse countryside that will more than fulfill their expectations. Deep and varied forests, river banks of rushing rivers or the spread-out shores of a lake, mountain slopes with sometimes easy, sometimes challenging reliefs : the natural site of this mountain land of the Haut-Languedoc is made up of varied landscapes that offer different levels of difficulty, making hiking here very attractive. Interpretive trails are open for outdoor sports and recreation, the recreation center ‘Les Bouldouïres’ adds an extra element to the experience with the creation of an interpretive nature trail that provides a better understanding of the evolution of the area’s wildlife.
On request of the townhall of La Salvetat-sur-Agoût, the CPIE of the Haut-Languedoc created an original trail inspired by the local legend of the Drac.
Scattered along an educational and playful path, 15 casts of animal traces (from feathers to fur) create a trail that challenges the sense of observation :
for those wishing to join in, the footprints and clues progressively become more than just something to pass the time, but a lesson on life.
On the trail
of the Wild Child
Step by step, discover the stages of this mysterious path.
In the heart of the woods of La Bassine, this playful trail full of activities will reveal the history, environment and the way of life of the Wild Child discovered here in 1798.
A veritable forest adventure to explore sensations, play and learn, …in a world of mystery and memories.
Route of St Jacques
de Compostelle
One piece of advice : don’t leave the village without seeing the chapel of Saint-Etienne of Cavall (11th Century), where the Black Virgin Notre-Dame-d’Entraygues is still worshipped.
Th miracle Virgin, dating from the 11th Century, was allegedly found by a cow at the confluence of the Agoût and the Vèbre rivers (Entraygues means « between the waters ».).
The House of Payrac
Would you like a break from water sports on the lake ? 8 km from Chalets du Gua des Brasses, visit the open-air museum of the Maison de Payrac, in Nages. It’s the chance to relive the atmosphere of days gone by in this old farm located in the Monts de Lacaune, by taking part in traditional demonstrations and activities (woodworking, harvesting, bread baking in a fire oven, mowing of a field, sheep shearing, woolwork, traditional dances…).
The Gijou Valley
Between Vabrea and Lacaze, the botanical trail will allow you to discover the local flora of the valley. Trilingual signs (French, Latin and Occitan) will help you identify the 28 species of trees on the trail.
A one kilometer trail is accessible to everyone, on the edge of Gijou.
Possibility to discover the local products to taste on the spot. Also on the program, games for the kids and musical entertainment.
Hiking ideas
• Lauze Trail – 10km (leaves from campsite)
• Clap Trail – 17km (leaves from campsite)
• Sentier de Secun – 6 km (départ du camping)
• Sentier du Fayet – 17 km (départ du camping)
• Le Gua des Brasses – 6km (leaves from the Recreation center ‘Les Bouldouïres, Lake Raviège)
• Le Vernoubre – 8km (leaves from the Recreation center ‘Les Bouldouïres, Lake Raviège)