Les Bouldouïres campsite ***La Salvetat sur Agoût
In the heart of the Regional Nature Park of the Haut-Languedoc.
Période d'ouverture du camping les Bouldouïres à la Salvetat-sur-Agoût - location vacances la Salvetat sur Agoût
Les Bouldouïres will be closed from october 31.

Activity, mushroom picking : Les Bouldouïres campsite in La Salvetat-sur-Agoût, Haut-Languedoc

Ceps appear frequently on the slopes in the south and east of the Tarn, amongst the deciduous and conifer trees, but other mushrooms, less noble but equally delicious, can also be found.
You can also find Hedgehog, Russula (blue, violet or green), Parasol, some Chanterelle and Horn of Plenty, and more rarely, Milk Cap.